diumenge, 4 de novembre de 2007

Väärä Dikotomia

Recently I found out in the net through one of my fave blogs another blog, this time from a finnish girl called Riikka. Like Désiré, she has a fantastic way of wearing a new outfit everyday (or almost).

Since I left her a comment I've been receiving a couple of visits from Finland which is great, and because of that I'm learning a lot of finnish geography :P places that I've never heard like: Kempele, Kirkkonummi, Forssa, etc.
Anyways, it's incredible how nosy people are and hey, I include myself too! but no one is leaving me a comment!! Yes, I know, sometimes I write in catalan or spanish... mutta minä en ymmärrä suomea tosi paljon :|

Ps. And what Väärä Dikotomia mean?? False... something?