diumenge, 4 de novembre de 2007

Getting nervious

Ihan oikeasti. In 2 weeks i'll go where not a soul knows hahaha it could be worse... I've not prepared anything yet. I have no real winter clothes in my closet, no winter shoes (that's my eternal question, what kind of shoes do I have to wear against snow and cold but trekking shoes?) I cannot imagine myself being/living under -10ºC I know, -10ºC is just the beginning of cold LOL... right, I'm gonna be the next snow woman! ¬¬U I'm getting nervious, excited, I want to be there, and I don't. Do you know the feeling?

Let's see if this week I bump into the right shop to buy the Gore-Tex anorak, wind-stopper jumper, boots, and thick tights to survive...at least until I get homie.