dissabte, 14 de juliol de 2007

My Yesterday's report

Yesterday I plan on to go to the beach after work with Ruth. I was exhausted, last night i slept just 5 hours but I wanted to go to Sant Pol to get suntanned while I sleep :P

At Estació de Sants I met a Dutch family trying to get the way to Santa Susanna, obviously they were lost and even more when the Customer Attendant was explaining the whole thing in spanish. I cut in the nonsensical discussion to save them from the pathetic service we have to deal in Spain every single day and I went with them all the trip, anyhow we all were going to the same direction.

After an hour and 20 min of train and a little walk I reached the creek where we've been first time. I thought there was gonna be someone but I was completely alone, once more Ruth was late grgr. The water was crystal clear and warmer than last time. I was letting the sun touch my back while I was reading my book, completely out in heaven when suddenly someone came to disturb me trying to persuade me to buy his damnit DvD's (who the hell in this world would buy f*!@" movies in the beach, what's the point ??!!) Anyways... I didn't go to swim until Ruth came, in case acting the mermaid I could drown instead... jujuju! Then, after Ruth's visit a group of teen girls came around to bother us breaking our peace. Later on we decided to leave the beach to walk around the beautiful village... I wish I could live there... white houses looking at the sea... small streets full of flowers... mMm... I bought new white menorquines and eat banana - peach ice crem... yep!