dilluns, 17 de setembre de 2007

Getting ready...

While reading the accommodation application... suddenly I had a good laugh: In order to select the best apartment and/or roommate... choose as follows:
  • My ideal social gathering would include alcoholic beverages
  • I go to bars and clubs more than 3 times a week
  • I keep my room... in complete chaos
  • Studying enviroment... Lot of noise. Nothing distracts me
You would appreciate the following lifestyles in my roommate:

  • Party Animal
  • Gothic
  • Gamer
  • Religious/Spiritual

In any case, Finnards seem to think about it very seriously LOL

I attached some funny pictures about what's a real roommate day lifestyle
Passive Aggressive Notes

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Santi ha dit...

Ostias! Pues esta sí que es buena :P

A nosotros no nos lo ponían tan claro y básicamente decían que si teníamos preferencias para compartir piso.

Si pudiera volver atrás en el tiempo pondría... 'No dos del mismo país!

Ein Kuss!