diumenge, 22 de juliol de 2007

Ruth in Canada

It seems like everyone else BUT me is having such an awesome holidays... grgrgr :P bastards...
Maite in San Francisco, San Diego or LA dunno exactly where, let's say California and Ruth is right now going towards Canada!!! In fact to Toronto where she's gonna stay for 3 weeks.
Her plan is to visit Montréal as well, she might see Quebéc also(would be wonderful) meet new people and live new experiences while practicing her english.
Such a lucky people! I'll be more than happy, at least, watching their pics... snif!

Tough, 2008 it's going to be MY year, I'll fly away at last ... and then I'll start my trip maybe without ending...

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Anònim ha dit...

aixx, va gaudeix de l'estiu tot lo que puguis! pero si jo aviat torno cap alla! jooo >_<
no vull tornaar!
I'm gonna be a canadian, and during the Winter under 25C degrees..jojojo (I'm kidding) ni locaaaa me quedo aqui en invierno.

Petons wapi
Ruth (from "Toronnou")