dijous, 28 de juny de 2007

My style

Gosh! How I've changed, I was wondering today...!

When I was 15, I used to dream about dark skin guys with dark hair, hazel eyes, cinammon skin,hehe you know, somehow my attention was ready to look for some kind of Will Smith LOL! Then I became a big fan of Backstreetboys ¬¬ (yessh, I have to admited, so what! I was a teenager!) just because Howie Dorough was hot as hell to my eyes. Anywyas, back now, I think he's once and for all not but, what I know, is that I always had a certain fixation for foreigners, therefore, not interested in locals.

Somehow as I got older I discovered 2 things: I like guys with childish faces and BLOND!! :O
Can you believe it? just exactly those who I used, as a teenager, not to be attracked to.

Nowadays I fancy guys like Valentino Rossi or the damn hot Chad Michael Murray but I guess the first one is because of my friend Ruth (she's totally obsessed) and the other one because I'm recently watching too much One Tree Hill!! :P

Changing or not, the truh lies on that at the end, it doesn't count at all the stereotyes you have in your head, what really makes you fall in love stronger than anything is when THAT someone decide to open its heart and be what he is, a wonderful person. : )

Someone told me once, opposites can be attracted, the plain truth!

Yo soy el sur, tú mi norte...