dimarts, 12 de juny de 2007

Finnish World Championships ( I )

The other day I found out this on the internet. Apparently Finland is not really good in any sports so they decided to search for what they could be THE BEST. This one is an example, and of course it had to be about SAUNA.

My experience in being in a sauna is that I love it but, gosh I cannot stand there longer than 10 min and sometimes not even so! Here, people doesn't really know how saunas work and normally they don't turn it on that hot so more or less I could pass over 10 min without any problem. I thought I was already use to it. I THOUGHT. Last summer I've tried the real one, let's say it better this way, the PREHISTORIC ONE! hehehe and... it was hot as hell!! I had to carry with me a bucket with the coolest water an put my head on it all the time so I could be able to breath and stay! I can remember the air, it was too hot to breath it xDD And of course, I scaped from there after less than 5 min!!

This is the video, enjoy it!
(Listen please to the distinct accent of the finnard :) )

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Santi ha dit...

Ostias! había visto un enlace a este vídeo pero nunca lo llegué a pulsar.

Recuerdo que una vez me pasó algo parecido a mi, en una competición de hombría por el dominio de la sauna y fue terrible!

Hasta donde yo sé, la sauna es para relajarse no? :S