dilluns, 18 de juny de 2007

Busy Weekend

On Saturday night we went to have a dinner with my classmates from ICT. Each summer we celebrate a dinner to see eachother and chat a lot about how our life have changed since last time we saw. I like it because amazingly many people still come every year. Nobody can take away the good times we've had!

On Sunday we went to a nice restaurant to have a great lunch (i was gonna get sick of eating that much, seriously, after 4 consecutive days eating that much... ) for later on go to Martorell where my parents had to dance Quick Step in a ballroom for professionals. There we were acting as a reporters while everybody were dancing crazily from Country to Vals xD

PS. The pics are from Saturday night, look at the size of the slice of my toast!! I swear I wasn't that hungry! hee hee Un-be-lie-va-ble! and then the funny pic from the bathroom in cataenglish language the Pipi room.