dijous, 14 de juny de 2007

Greatest improvised dinner

As I wrote weeks ago my finnish friend, Jonna, was coming soon, nowadays she's already here. At the moment I'm in exams and usually after work I plan my evening studying as much as possible. I was wondering to meet them just on Friday to party somewhere but as tomorrow I was gonna have an easy exam... what the hell! I went straight to mee them in the city center.

What I thought it was gonna be just a drink and going back home at 9pm at the latest turned into 00.30h, already midnight... ¬¬U

but you know, I passed such a great time with them!

There we were: The two couples Juho + Jonna and Janne + Essi and the mixted the better :P Markus and me. 5 finnards and a catalan girl. And again I felt like the queen of the night hehe. I dunno why but I love to be between foreigners.

After our drinks we finished the night (at least Markus and me) having a full dinner of tapas and sangría at the Restaurant "Los Toreros" which i'm really proud to have taken them there.
They just loved it!

The anecdote of the night: They haven't eaten before mussels, they even didn't know how to open them !¡¿? W-E-I-R-D! Eventually their opinions about their new taste were 50% loving it and 50% hating it because it doesn't look good and it's slimy. Oh well!

(I will put the pics here someday!)