dilluns, 28 de maig de 2007


Sometimes I like to visit Rovaniemi's Cam just for curiosity. I like to see what people is doing or what temperature they have that moment, if there is still snow or someone walking around. I have some kind of nostalgia. I was living there 2 years ago and I discovered what's to live without night and even so it's awesome to me.
Oh, by the way, can you see those two sitting in front of the river, maybe contemplating the beautiful sky ??

Enjoy the pics! Nauttikaa kuvista!

Sampokeskus, Rovaniemi City Center

Vanha Silta, Rovaniemi

As you can see it's 00.12pm right now, and look at the sky half pink, half grey; it could be absolutely 6.00 a.m at least for my eyes!

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Santi ha dit...

Wow! Parece casi Joensuu en ambas fotos (unas fotos maravillosas, por cierto)

Ains, nuestra Finlandia ;)